"As a new business owner, I was overwhelmed with managing staff, schedules, payroll, and all of the other things that came with running a new business. I realized quickly that I didn't have the time or background to take care of my books the way I needed to. I'm so thankful to Sarah for coming along and taking the time to answer all of my questions, and performing her job flawlessly. She comes with my highest recommendations." - Ty Holbrook, Owner

Absolute Procurement purchases furniture on behalf of hotels and large companies. When Carrie had to let her former bookkeeper go, she needed someone who could establish financial procedures for the company going forward. For example, closing the books had been taking four days of her bookkeeper’s time and a lot of her time as well - I reduced the time needed to about half an hour. I trained a new full-time bookkeeper on all the processes, and I’m available whenever Carrie and her team need expert bookkeeping help.

"Sarah has been a huge part of helping establish DAPPER Stats. She's provided the expertise and support I needed on my bookkeeping, so I can focus on helping my clients solve their statistical issues." -Dr. Josie Simonis, Owner

"Sarah is knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.  It is great to know our books are being well taken care of." - Matias Brecher, Founder

"I appreciate Sarah's streamlined approach to our bookkeeping. She put together a very concise manual of processes for our new bookkeeper to follow, which has helped immensely and makes the bookkeeping feel so much more direct." - Carrie Gates, Director

TOAST is a Portland manufacturer of stylish wood and leather covers for electronic devices. Matias uses QuickBooks for invoicing, and has me visit the shop once a month to do the bookkeeping and provide any reporting he needs.

CrossFit Cimmeria is the premier CrossFit experience in Gresham, and I’m proud to have been the bookkeeper almost as long as I’ve been a member. Ty is busy both running the gym and coaching classes, so once a quarter he has me take his paperwork home, do the bookkeeping, and return with a Profit & Loss report.

DAPPER Stats (Design, Analysis, and Prediction for Population Ecology Research) is a one-woman biological statistics analysis firm. I do Josie’s bookkeeping twice a year in my home office, so she doesn’t have to purchase accounting software for herself.