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Hi! My name is Sarah Gulde and I’m running to be the Trans Atlantic Fan Fund delegate to Worldcon in Helsinki this summer. I’ve been active in the fan community since 2009, and my main focus has been on diversity. As a woman of color, I’ve spoken up about diversity issues and the lack of representation in my local literary con, which has changed its policies to make minorities feel more welcome.

I also started my own 21-and-over con, NERD CAMP, which specifically focuses on diversity through representation in its panelists, discussion topics, and attendees. Our first event in October 2016 featured three bands including The Doubleclicks, and our next event will be held in April 2017.  All proceeds go to SnowCap Community Charities, a local food bank where I’m on the Board of Directors. You can read more about NERD CAMP in the latest issue of CHUNGA at, along with an endorsement from editor and previous TAFF winner Randy Byers.

If elected to be the TAFF delegate I’ll attend Worldcon, then spend a few weeks meeting fans in that part of the world. I strongly feel that in the current political climate, it’s more important than ever that the TAFF delegate, who appears at the Hugo Awards, is someone who represents diversity and inclusiveness in the fan community. The problem I’ve run into, however, is finding enough eligible voters to vote for me. TAFF defines an “eligible voter” as an active fan since 2015, but also someone the administrators (Curt Phillips or Anna Raftery) know of, or someone that can be vouched for by someone the administrators know of.

If you’re an active fan and you’re reading this, please consider going to and voting by the April 16 deadline. The two things you need are 1) three dollars or euros, and 2) the name and email of the person who can vouch for you.

This is a big opportunity for me - not just to travel to a part of the world I might not otherwise get to see, but to literally put diversity in the spotlight. Thank you for your help in getting there!

Sarah Gulde