That's where I come in. Whether it's creating a financial recordkeeping system, cleaning up what you already have in place, or maintaining it as your business grows, I'm passionate about what I do.

"As a new business owner, I was overwhelmed with managing staff, schedules, payroll, and all of the other things that came with running a new business. I realized quickly that I didn't have the time or background to take care of my books the way I needed to. I'm so thankful to Sarah for coming along and taking the time to answer all of my questions, and performing her job flawlessly. She comes with my highest recommendations." - Ty Holbrook, Crossfit Cimmeria

Let me take care of your books. You do what you love.

"Sarah has been a huge part of helping establish DAPPER Stats. She's provided the expertise and support I needed on my bookkeeping, so I can focus on helping my clients solve their statistical issues." - Dr. Josie Simonis, DAPPER Stats

My clients love to design, to coach, to create - but what they don't like is dealing with the stress of the financial side of owning a business.